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Automatic Energy Pulsar - Up to 130 Pulses per second (V-Spec)

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  • Automatic Energy Pulsar up to 130 pulses per second
  • Paddle does not get hot even after 9 hours straight running at full speed
  • Schumann frequency or resonance 7.83 Hz set 
  • 1 hour in-built timer selector switch
  • SUPER heavy duty components
  • Totally Solid State and Robust Design
  • Highest quality Japanese Capacitors
  • 11 milli henry coil rating
  • Thermal protection not required
  • Paddle Power enhancer extra 60% power
  • PEMF Technology
  • Fitted with a Dirty Electricity Filter
  • Green LED flashes for each pulse, indicating pulse speed
  • Bob Beck protocol

 Main Features:

  • Adjustable pulse speed up to 130 pulses per second
  • Paddle does not get hot even after 9 hours straight running at full speed
  • Made from robust, durable material
  • Robert Beck Protocol
  • PEMF Technology
  • Especially suitable for people with no time
  • Green LED flashes for each pulse, indicating pulse speed.
  • All wiring is in accordance to Safety Codes to ensure safety to the user. There are no exposed wires or leads.
  • Best Capacitors are used
  • Due to the speed, power and durability - unit weighs approx 5kg
  • Overheat Cut-out Protection not needed as the unit doesn't get hot enough
  • 4 meter paddle leads
  • 1.8 meter power chord
  • Can be used on animals and plants
  • Three year warranty on internal components.
  • Manufactured in Australia

The pulsar is rated at 220-240v. No step up transformer required.

Warranty Information

Each unit comes with a 3-year warranty on internal components. Warranty is void if the failure is due to abuse or negligence.

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