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Candida Follow Up Pack

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Candida Follow Up Pack Includes:

1 x 150g Pau D'arco Bark

1 x 120ml Black Seed Oil (Amazing Herbs)

1 x 250g Diatomaceous Earth

1 x 800g Zeolite

1 x 500ml Olive Leaf Extract

1 x box (5 sachet) Kefir Starter

1 x 100g Slippery Elm Powder organic

1 x 100g Reishi Mushroom extract

1 x 100g Andrographis Paniculata organic

1 x 250g Chlorella powder organic 

1 x 250g Psyllium Husks organic

1 x box (30 capsules) L Plantarum (Ideal Bowel Support) 

1 x box (40 sachets) Fulvic Humic Minerals

1 x 250g Sauerkraut (Peace Love & Vegetables)



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