Cansema (Amazon) Tonic III - 240g

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Expected release date is 6th Sep 2018

Please note:

Notification received directly from Alpha Omega Labs -

We are sending you this email in connection with your recent purchase of Cansema (Amazon) Tonic  III.

For legal reasons, you are being sent Tonic III with a new label, which reads AO External Wash None of the information that is provided on this label is incorrect, except that its recommended usage has been altered.  This product is absolutely identical to that which carries any of our usual Tonic III labels.  This label change has been made for customers in the following countries:  Australia and New Zealand.  In every way, the usage instructions provided online still apply : 

If you have any questions, please write to us at : . . .

Also, Your "Cansema" labeled products will be received as "Amazon" labeled products.  They are the same ingredients, just labeled differently for legal purposes. 

Your Cansema Black Topical Salve will be received
as Amazon Skin Creme.

Jayde Williams 

Alpha Omega Labs