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Cap-M-Quik Capsule Filling Machine (Fills 50 capsules - size 0)

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How many capsules does the plastic capsule filler hold?

Each filler holds 50 capsules. 

Can the capsule filling device be used for different size capsules?

No. Each capsule filler is specific to its capsule. For instance, a size '1' filler will only fit size '1' capsules. Size '0' will only work with '0' capsules, etc. Some confusion exists because there are only two tampers, size 1/0 and size 00/000. But the filler itself is exclusive to the capsule size.

What sizes of capsule fillers are available?

Everpure Health currently has size '0' capsule filling devices available.

How long does it take to fill 50 capsules?

Less than 7 minutes with a little practice using the filler. Challenge yourself!

What is the plastic capsule filler made of?

The cap-m-quik device is made of a very high strength FDA-approved styrene plastic.

Is the filling machine dishwasher safe?

The styrene capsule filler will melt in extremely hot dishwasher cycles, especially if your dishwasher has internal water heating components - even on the top shelf.  Your capsule filler, accessories and parts should be hand-washed in sudsy warm water.  A small brush might be helpful in cleaning inside the holes.

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