Coffee Beans Wild Picked - Kogi Coffee (Single origin) - 250g

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Wild picked coffee beans rated higher than Organic as all is untouched and in its natural state. Coffee trees thrive and are extremely happy amongst fellow wild flora.
The Kogi village people mount baskets on their backs and venture into often virgin rainforests of Sierra Nevada de Santa collecting coffee beans with elders providing spiritual ceremonial work to guide every step of the process. Beans are imported directly from Kogi and roasted locally in Sydney exclusively for Everpure Health to maximise their unique their unique earthly flavours and aromas.  

'Single origin, herbal aroma, bright acidity, caramel sweetness, earthy and balanced cup'

Region: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
Ethnic Group: Kogi
Grown: 800 - 1700masl

NOTE: Everpure Health recommends Kogi coffee for consumption and equally for coffee enemas as it is exceptionally clean.