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Electric Yoghurt Maker - 2L

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Electric yoghurt Maker for up to 2L capacity


- 1 x Yoghurt maker

- 1 x 2L tub

This yoghurt maker is just brilliant, as it will make yoghurt batches from 1 to 2 litres, and maintains the correct temperature very accurately, even over extended fermentation times. The yoghurt maker stands 265mm high, with a diameter of 190mm, and comes with a high quality BPA free food grade 2 litre fermentation pot.


Suitable for cows, goat, soy milk and even coconut cream.


Simply fill with your milk, whatever kind you are using, add the culture and turn on.


Leave for 8 to 12 hours (or longer), and you will have the most delicious yoghurt.


The GLA 2 Litre Yoghurt Maker is suitable for extended fermentation times of 24 hours or more, as it maintains it's temperature very accurately.


Yoghurt makers should run between 37 to 43° C and should not creep up in temperature even over extended fermentation times. See how to test your current machine here. Please note that yoghurt makers are desigend to maintain heat and not to heat your milk up to fermentation temperature.


Please Note: Your dairy milk will need heat treating to 90° C, to help break down, or unravell some of the dairy proteins to help make a thicker yoghurt. Long Life, or UHT milk has already been heat treated so just needs warming to around 40° C before being put into the yoghurt maker and adding the culture. If you would like information on this please email


* 12 Month warranty.


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