Essiac Tea (Original Recipe)

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Product Overview

How to make and take Essiac Tea

Equipment Required

  1. Stove/cook top
  2. Sterilised glass jar (dark) to store essiac herbs
  3. Sterilised glass jar (dark) to store essiac tea
  4. Measuring Cup
  5. Fine strainer
  6. Funnel
  7. Pot


  1. Essiac Tea herb combination
  2. Filtered water

How to make

  1. Measure 30grams of herb mixture to 1Litre of filtered water (or multiply for larger batches)
  2. Add the herb mixture to the water in a pot
  3. Boil hard for 10 minutes (covered) then turn off heat but leave pot sitting on warm plate over night (covered)
  4. In the morning, heat again till steaming hot then let it settle for a few minutes.
  5. Strain through fine strainer into hot sterilised glass bottles and sit to cool.
  6. Store in dark cool cupboard until used
  7. Refrigerate Essiac Tea once opened

NOTE: This recipe MUST be followed EXACTLY as written.


Dosage/ How to take

“Dosage as a remedy for cancer: Drink 30ml Essiac once daily, diluted with 60ml of hot water. This should be sipped (like any hot tea), preferably before bedtime and at least two hours after eating. Food should not be eaten within one hour of drinking the tea.” [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 37]


How to store

  1. Store Essiac Tea herbs in a glass jar in a dry dark cupboard.
  2. Store Essiac Tea in dark cool cupboard until used
  3. Refrigerate Essiac Tea once opened


Very Important additional tips and information

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