Reishi Mushroom Extract Organic Powder 10:1 - 100g

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Expected release date is 12th Jun 2020

Product Overview

Product - Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder

Organic Status - EU and USDA Certified Organic

Plant Part - Fruit

Cut Size - Powder

Potency - Extract 10:1

Our Reishi mushroom is semi-wild harvested and is grown as nature intended in the forests of the Changbai mountains, in the clean air and sunshine away from pollution and bad energy. The Changbai mountains are a traditional di-tao growing region where reishi has been growing naturally since it first came to be. Over 1kg of Reishi Mushroom fruit body has been concentrated into 100g of our highly digestible and potent 10:1 extract using a dual alcohol and triple water extraction method. Our Reishi Mushroom Extract tested at >35% polysaccharide and 2.3% Triterpene and is extracted from organic semi-wild duanwood grown red reishi to concentrate the nutritional compounds.

Reishi mushroom also called 'Queen of mushrooms' is an adaptogenic superfood which contains unique nutritional compoundspolysaccharides, triterpenes, and beta-glucans which are all essential tonics. 

Some benefits of Reishi mushroom include: 

  • Supporting hormonal and immune balance (study)
  • Supporting balanced female hormones (study)
  • Supporting sleep (animal study)
  • Supporting a healthy weight (study)
  • Supporting balanced mood (study of breast cancer patients)
  • Supporting healthy liver function (study)
  • Supporting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response (study)
  • Supporting healthy anti-aging effects (study)


Suggested Usage - Add to water, teas/elixirs, smoothies/ fresh juices, etc.

"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."